New Year, New Me

So alas, my new years resolutions never stick. I find myself wishing for change around this time of year. The change is usually a result of something I am not happy about in my life and therefore wish to change it. What better time than the 1st of (said year). Le sigh, A resolve is often a product of frustration, and seemingly is that much harder to attain when that frustration passes (or the dedication to hard work does); as is the case for me.

So why even bother? Maybe the result of the wish is enough to give me a brief glimpse of hope which can be compared to a warm winter day followed by an excessively cold day and 2 feet of snow. This concept can be compared to that of the yin and the yang. Two opposites don’t usually make one complete thing, idea, concept. Rather, the difference between the two make the whole, which is still two separate things, ideas, concepts…

Anyways, to the point. Maybe this all means I need to change the way I resolve. Maybe instead of saying “this is the year”, year after year, I should focus on keeping my energy constant. Maybe instead of change I should focus on keeping the good in my life. That’s it. I know it sounds boring but here it is, my new years resolution: “Continue to love, to be present, and to grow”. The same thing I am going to start telling myself when I wake up every morning. The same thing I need to make myself feel whole again and not just focus on the negatives. Here’s to being positive, 2016…


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