I am made of…

I am made of..

Yes, this feeling is real.

Year after year, watching the sky

change colors; Blue, red, green,

black; Holding my breath,

while time stood still.

Yet, always looking to feel.

Those years gone by;

roses turned into colorless statues

while the seasons changed

and the cancer left.

Now I hold an apple whose memories I peel.

Slowly the skin I reveal,

The seeds I tuck away;

No; bury far, far under the ground.

In Spring these buried memories,

they would heal…

The frost turned into water

and melted the pain away.

The seeds became trees;

magnificent nurses of nature.

And yet, here I remained.

Waiting for the winter, again.

Years later, an envelope I seal…

Inside, a memory guiding my every move.

Well… guided.

Like a mailbox made of other times and places.

In the past serving as reminders.

But, this is now, this is different.

Like infinite summer days; skies of teal…

no more sorrow, no more rain.

No, a different thought this time,

I am made of steel…


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