Thoughts on #Life

So I thought I had a bad day..

Woke up tired, forgot half of the things I needed at home, even after going back to my apartment to get them. Took me 30 minutes to find parking after sitting in traffic for an hour. Gas took 20 minutes to fill in the middle of a northeaster. Took another hour to get home. Wallet broke, I’m not doing much better. Didn’t have enough cash in broken wallet to do laundry tonight after dowsing my clothes in laundry detergent. Zipper broke on backpack and jacket, and I’m drenched.

But.. I have a place to call home. I have money in my wallet even though it’s not full. Even though I get wet, I have a place to go. I have a car to sit in traffic in. I have clean clothes. I have a family to call when things get bad. I have good health, and most importantly I am grateful to have the problems I do.
‪#‎Perspective‬ ‪#‎Beoptimistic‬


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