Under Control

So today I realized something about life. Plans change, and really nothing outside of ourselves (and most of what’s inside) is under our control. How did I learn this you ask? Well, I had 3 plans today. The first one, a bike race, fell through because of the weather. By the time I figured that one out, my second plan to go to the climate March in NYC was not going to work because it was too late to make it down. My third plan, to meetup with some bikers in New Haven also fell through because they were also in NYC, at the march. It was then, when I found this out, that the clouds cleared, and the universe beckoned me on the best bike ride of my life. The fact that nearly nothing is under our control doesn’t mean we can’t make the best with what circumstances we do control.

Random Thought

Today I stopped myself whilst I was deep in thought and came to this conclusion:

Life and Death cannot be perceived as a beginning and an end, as both phases in life are new beginnings. I guess Newton was only right in terms of physics, as in the case of life “what goes up will always end up further than where it started” (and nothing ever truly ends in pure consciousness).

I am a collective creation of every single being that has lived before me.