The True Meaning of Life

Adulthood is such a complicated thing… it’s like a transition happens, and we are thrown into a world of thirsty dogs. The wetness of the still earth presides and we can never seem to get quite dry again.

After a conversation with my only friend in Connecticut today, I realized how lonely this place really is… We breathe, we move, we work, just to realize that life only exists here for the wealthy and the poor; the vacationers of New York City, and those who work to serve them. My point again: life is so damn complicated. Some days I wish I could just stay home and write, take photographs, and paint; so much emotion bottled up at once, but adulthood teaches us to keep it all in so that we succeed in life. Let me rephrase that; adulthood teaches us to suppress our true wants and desires in return for monetary standards that we can value our life by. I think I smell happiness around the corner…


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