The American Dream is now a Black Hole

Biking is in and of itself a meditative act for me. Every time I am out there, on the trail, I am free; aware; thoughtful. This sight kicked my train of thought into full gear; with the state of the government and the whole shutdown junk that is all over the news.

My thoughts? Well, during my ride I contemplated this:

How can an entire party (The republicans, who founded all that we stand for and strive to accomplish, who fought for independence from the confederates, abolished slavery, and eventually supported a bipartisan approach with the democrats before the views of each party shifted, who even, at one point, were all for a national based healthcare system i.e Mitt Romney) now take a completed partisan approach in order to get the one thing that they claim to want (the end of Obamacare)? (at the expense of over 800,000 ‘non-essential’ government employees, and the faith of the world)

Is this the American Dream? Do we no longer care how the rest of the world views us? America, have we become the flag in the picture, hit by the wind so many times that even the stars that once stood for the union of the states, no longer unified together, now stands for the broken system that not unifies, but tears our government apart?




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