A Lesson on Life

I am realizing more and more throughout my readings and my day-to-day experience that there is only one goal in life: Happiness. That is essentially all people strive to achieve; whether it be through money, through their lifestyle, through their marriage, through their kids, through their job, through their belongings, through their diet… (the list goes on and on), but the only reason we do the things we do is because we think that they will bring us some sort of ephemeral happiness. 

I am learning more and more, as I get older, about what things I look for happiness in. I am happy when I am at work, I am happy when I am outdoors and/or getting enough exercise, I am happy when I find a new recipe that I like, I am happy when I make a new friend, I am happy when I feel good, and I feel happy when I feel like my relationships are in good standing.  Most importantly, I am happy when I feel happy.

Sounds simple, no? Well, it’s not. These things are so easy to SAY, but so hard to DO. Why is this? I have come to the conclusion that happiness is only a result of successive failures; that is, when I fail enough times, that success feels so.damn.good. I think that is true for all humans; If life were full of successes, how would we ever learn? Would we be truly happy? One thing would be sure, we would be stuck in our own way without any will to change. That in itself is a scary thought.

I have been finding this in my day to day experiences lately; that is, I have been finding that there are many things in my life that Don’t make me happy; things that I dread: Bills, Car repairs, getting sick, losing touch, loneliness, days where I don’t exercise, gaining weight.. (the list also goes on). I think, oddly, that I couldn’t be happy without these things in my life. They bring everything into perspective. One can only reach happiness within their own perspective. We NEED the things we dislike in order to find the things we like, which in turns bring happiness.

Don’t get me wrong. There are plenty of things we don’t need at all. But, we have to remember that we have a choice in EVERYTHING. It is what choices we make today that will bring us happiness TODAY. It is the choices we make tomorrow that will bring us happiness tomorrow. It is the things we decide not to keep in our lives that will change our perspective forever.

Happiness is perspective. Choose wisely, and don’t be afraid to say goodbye to the things that drag you down. 




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