Colors in Time


Colors in Time

like a globe without life.
Moving in and out of awareness.

Each day brings what it will.
Happiness, sorrow.

Among the stillness of the trees,
one finds peace;

Once that spell is broken,
life can be a reflection
chosen by the creator.

Like three lined verses
or rectangular glasses.

Imagining that one is lost,
but knowing exactly where they are.

The mind takes flight;
As free as is allowed by time.
one must remember:

To be free is to move forward.


Summer Work: Artist Statement

Living; day in and day out. Trying to capture that perfect moment… THERE. Do you see it? Doesn’t matter, I guess. It was perfect to me. Photographing; writing. A body of concepts; emotions; guilt; pride. Health? no.. not the main focus. Life is better spent moving forward than worrying about the present. Conceptually speaking, I have no plan. Only the one that I am continually laying out, since in the end, it is not the plan, but the action to meet that goal, that matters.