Reflections can be more than looking in the mirror…

Life is living in the present, acknowledging the future and moving away from the past, just as a river does, every day.


A globe of life,
teeming with self awareness.
Those that accept move forward,
and those that hold on, stay put.


A calm river, flowing, moving;
never stopping to see itself.
Acknowledging every bend and twist,
accepting every drought.

Birds, living
one hundred feet off
the ground,
yet no height at all.

Fish, living
one hundred feet
beneath the ground,
yet no depth at all.

Clouds, living
any height they please,
yet no life
at all.

Us, living
between life and death;
yet choosing,
where we fall.

Seemingly perfect on the surface.
A world where that is viewed differently by all;
Life is… perspective.


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