In Remembrance of a time that was and never will be again…


Pictures, like ancient secrets locked away

From a time that passed; gone away.

To a friend I loved, who left in dismay…

Thank you for helping me to see myself, David.

I accept that you’re gone, but you will never be forgotten.

Love Always, 




Best and Easiest way to Cook Lentils


Time for a shift in focus (As with everything in life)

I am, no doubt, a vegetarian. After living with cancer and being unhealthy (in many ways) I needed a radical shift. After adjusting many things in my life i.e. priorities, social settings, diet, exercise.. I found that I felt so much better. One of the best changes I ever made, which I don’t ever plan on going back, is becoming a vegetarian. This forced me to explore new options; something that I desperately needed. I found new flavors in everything, from the simplest to most complex recipes, from breathing to laughing to crying. I could finally taste again. Not to mention just feeling physically restored nutritionally. After years of eating fast food and carry out since I didn’t have the energy to cook, I now feel as though I am living an entirely new life. In many ways I am.

You ask, Lentils? Change? Vegetarian? But what does it all mean Basil?…


I find that sharing brings me (and hopefully you) happiness, so I’m going to share a very easy, very quick recipe.

Basic Garlic Lentils

1 lb. of Dried Green Lentils

1 Clove of garlic

4 Cups Water


Rinse lentils and remove any debris

Chop garlic into semi-fine bits (after peeling it, obviously)

Cook lentils uncovered, boiling in pot with 4 cups of water for ~20 minutes (until water is pretty much gone)

Take off stove and add garlic to pot. Mix everything around every couple of minutes while the pot is still hot and let the garlic cook off of the heat of the lentils. You can leave this for 10-20 minutes while it cools down, the garlic seems to be stronger the longer you let sit (until it cools), just make sure to mix every so often.

And… that’s it. Easy, high protein, high fiber, good tasting lentils. This can be added in with any other recipe, in a wrap, in a salad. Very flexible in regards to where you want to go next.

Next place I’m going is bed. Without lentils. Enjoy.


Onward, Thy Life

First Breath

Enchanting, visceral clouds of light;

2012, not lost like the others.

Symbolic; like a flower without petals,

swaying at the thought of spring.


Multiple colored hues break through the clouds;

once dark and shapeless.

Waiting on the clock to speak;

Years lost and now found.


No more silence,

First breath of Spring on winter’s snow.

Deep breath after goodbye,

Warming the heart;

Starting from the inside out,

 Until all the ice is gone

Until one day the cold is no more;

Replaced by springs eternal gaze.

Like light in the depths of a deeply buried cave,

The end of a never ending maze;

Finding your way to shore…