Chapter 1: Reflections are Like Paintings. Abstract ones, at best.

To examine one’s self, in terms of resolving something deeper than what comes to the surface, can be a very difficult task. It is precisely this, however, that warrants us to achieve goals that we have thought of, dreamed of, or even shrugged off in the past. It is the eternal question of “how do I get from point A to point B?”

This, of course, requires great reasoning within both one’s body and one’s soul. Sure, we can get in our car and drive to another place, another time; but we (I) cannot just wake up and be successful, happy, inspired. No, this comes from within. How do you (I) see from that watchtower that is both present internally, and to a certain extent externally, through our devices?

This question; this is one that I have contemplated for many endless hours. Much like Socrates who questioned to no avail, and by no means necessarily searched for an answer; but a deeper meaning. This is the answer I am eluding to, the point that I want to get at; deeper meaning.

The deeper meaning in our (my) existence lies not only on crude answers; there are simply not enough/too few words to portray this thought. It would be as if a man/woman who had just gained eyesight was asked to describe that particular experience – that particular moment in time when light flooded their perception, their world. This, unequivocally, would be impossible. Then, how DO we find deeper meaning, if it is not meant to be found through our teachings, or language, in our society?

Succeeding, Failing, Loving, Laughing, Exploring… Breathing. The answer, that I propose to you, in no particular length of words, is indescribable. As you may or may not already gather, I have no answer for you (me). Only you do, only I do, but neither you nor I can prove this point to anyone else but yourself (myself). So what is it, that I propose you do to find this meaning that has no answer?


Go out and prove to yourself that you CAN live!

If you believe in you, the rest will follow (Or lead the way), and the answer to my eternal question will present itself at some point in time.


On the Road (time and time again)

My Friends,
You may be wondering what this blog is all about. You may not be. In fact, you may have clicked on this out of pure boredom in hope that one more click will bring you eternal happiness. I’m guessing you haven’t found it… yet.
To provide you with a little further detail on what I am going to be writing about… Well, just look at the name of the site. I want to prove to you, myself and the universe that there is no such thing as “being bored” or “not having enough to do”. My friends, my enemies… Lack of activity is not due to lack of things to do, it is due to a lack of intention, purpose, the eternal want for a greater good.

If you are bored, this does not mean that you are a bad person, or that you have nothing to contribute. It in fact means that you have not explored deep enough to find the fire that fuels your soul. Finding this fire requires you (me) to let go of the attachments that have held you (me) back for so long. It is not a quick and easy process; nor is it going to happen all at once. One might provide an example of building a sand castle. This is built with intention, purpose, a vision, and material.

Keep in mind that the sand starts out flat…. the end result is purely based on your imagination, and you make it real. This is a basic concept that we are given as children. Unfortunately (or not), the lessons to be learned from this simple structure are left for us to figure out, and apply in our own lives however we see fit.

If you have made it this far, I want to tell you what you will find more of by reading this blog. You will find truth, stories to build upon, and ideas to take as your own. As we all technically own nothing, I urge you to take as you please and share with whoever feel could benefit from lessons in life. As, without lessons, we are left with nothing. Or, as I put it, you either live life or die trying.

One last thought I will leave you (me) with for today:

“Boredom is the lack of action, the lack of intent, the lack of a proper vision in which to build on. It is the essential excuse to provide little in your own life (not to mention others). When you find yourself feeling “Bored”, please…. examine why this is and try to remedy it, as you don’t have a lot of time to do so.”

Now go on… Live Life!!!